Dr. Michael J. Wolohan, orthopedic surgeon of over 25 years, is changing the industry.  During his daily interactions with patients, he repeatedly heard frustrations over the “long wait-times” with sports injuries, the high cost of healthcare, and difficulty knowing when it’s appropriate to go to the ER.

The importance of early assessment in athletic injuries is critical.  He created Instant Sports Injury Assessment (ISIA) in order to provide a solution to this problem:  real-time, site-of-injury access to expert evaluation and advice for athletes, patients, athletic trainers, and coaching personnel.

Immediate access to expert evaluation and advice will:

  • Improve safety for athletes
  • Help define next best steps in case of injuries
  • Provide ease of access to advanced medical treatment when appropriate
  • Reduce ER visits and thereby costs
  • Help patients and families save on co-pays and deductibles
  • Help accelerate safe return to play

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